While many people wouldn’t put beer and a healthy lifestyle hand-in-hand, research has given us a couple of neat factoids to keep us feeling positive.

Firstly, beer is a source of antioxidants. That means that drinking a beer or two can actually have some positive input on your inner body workings, helping neutralize free radicals. Naturally occurring antioxidants are the best kind, and that’s the kind in beer.

Secondly, most beers are high in good times B vitamins, so you’re getting a hit of ‘health benefit’ right there. B vitamins do a great job of giving you energy and help to produce red blood cells. Handy stuff; thank you beer.

While these two digestible triumphs might start to win you over, consider alcohol free beer. All the great flavour, but with lower calories, and, indeed, no alcohol. Indeed, no alcohol beer is up to four times in lower in kilojoules and calories. That’s some decent maths, and here’s why.

These factors don’t necessarily translate to a direct health benefit but they certainly lend themselves to a better functioning body. Lower consumption of calories and alcohol have  been linked to lowering or maintaining weight, for a start.

Beers with no alcohol aid moderation. Drinking in moderation helps you avoid the potholes affecting health adversely. Limiting consumption of alcohol by adopting alcohol free beer becomes a lifestyle choice with body maintenance in mind.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling virtuous about your food consumption, electing for healthier food and a more balanced diet to help with how you feel, then the lower calories of alcohol free beer fit wisely into your routine. It’s not quite a ‘get fit with beer’ message, but at least you’ll shift the axis in terms of what’s inside you.

Likewise, a day or night drinking full strength alcohol can leave you feeling bloated, tired and undermotivated. Opting for beer without alcohol can ensure that you lessen or avoid a hangover altogether, and feel more inclined to exercise.

Moreover, alcohol free beer tastes good. So if you’re getting your inner Masterchef on in the kitchen, you’ll find a myriad of dishes to go alongside your virtuous beer. Indeed, brewers like Holsten who have mastered the process of creating full flavoured yet no alcohol beer offer up a brew that works perfectly with a breadth of healthy, light, fresh-feeling dishes.

The synergy between crisp, lightly-hopped Pilsner bitterness and salads, grilled meats, roast vegetables, barbecues, Asian cuisine and Mediterranean dishes should be sung from the rooftops. Pairing up your favourite healthy dishes with a refreshing, alcohol free beer is icing on the cake. So to speak.

No-alcohol beer is evidently ideal in your repertoire for a number of reasons. It’s a handy thing to have on hand to even out your regular alcohol intake. A versatile, thirst-slaking, gap beer that slows you down, brings refreshment and yet treats your body kindlier. Now that’s what we’re talking about.