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Any athlete in the middle of a hard-core training regime or at the peak of the race season knows the effect that alcohol can have on their performance. But what do you do when you just want to grab a refreshing, ice-cold beer at the end of a race – or even just at the end of a hectic week?

Luckily, there is an answer – a genuine, full-flavoured German beer with no alcohol, so you can stay refreshed, stay social and stay on track to go from zero to hero this triathlon season.

Training and alcohol – it’s a bad cocktail

There is little question that alcohol affects training. As a diuretic, the alcohol in your favourite tipple induces the kidneys to create more urine. This can lead to dehydration – possibly the last thing any athlete wants to encounter in the searing Australian summer heat. Proper hydration is necessary for healthy blood-flow to get oxygen to your screaming muscles, and even one glass of beer or wine can have an impact.

The other key problem with alcohol is that the body treats it as a toxin, which must be processed by the liver. And it’s in the liver that we produce glucose – the key fuel for athletes. If the liver is busy dealing with alcohol it slows down the production of vital glucose which in turn slows us down and saps our energy. Not what we want when we’re trying to reach peak potential.

Low carb is not low alcohol

Is low-carb the solution? No. Despite the health-focused marketing, most low-carb or ‘blonde’ brands still pack a hefty alcohol content. In fact, even with the lower carbohydrate levels, the average overall calorie count of of low-carb beer is only about 20% less than you’d find in a regular beer.

But the good news is, whether you’re in the off-season or you’re watching your waistline, Holsten not only contains zero alcohol, but has only 40 calories per stubby.

Source: Food Standards Australia & New Zealand

Staying social

It’s not only physical health that matters. Competition is a mental game and we all know the importance of an engaging social life on our mental wellbeing. But it’s also easy to feel a bit left out when everyone else is enjoying a nice cold beer and you’re on the coconut water. And that’s the beauty of Holsten 0.0 – you get all the enjoyment of a refreshing beer without worrying what it will do to your training regime.

A genuine beer

Holsten 0.0 is a genuine, full-flavoured beer, just without the alcohol. Every batch is made in the traditional way, using a careful blend of  barley, hops, water and yeast, which is then allowed to ferment and develop its crisp Pilsener flavour. The only difference from regular-strength beer is that, before it’s bottled, the alcohol is removed using gentle evaporation, leaving a refreshing beer you can enjoy any time.

Supporting athletes

This year, Holsten 0.0 decided to do more for Australia’s triathletes than just provide them with a healthier alternative to light beer. Inspired by the hard work, discipline, focus and determination of athletes across the country, Holsten 0.0 got on board not only to sponsor the IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 competitions around the nation, but to help triathletes of every calibre, celebrate their remarkable achievements.

Look out for the Holsten Zero Heroes at the finish line this Ironman season, and ‘tri something different’ as you soar from zero to hero.


Holsten is available at Dan Murphy’s, independent bottle shops and select supermarkets.