We all know how New Year’s Eve can go. Spirits are high, blood is up, the fireworks speaking in a Morse Code encouraging you into that extra nip, cup of punch and a glass of Champagne on the side. 

New Year’s Eve really needs a tactical handbook. Excessive drinking can leave you not only feeling worse for wear physically the next day, but can also provide that sneaking feeling of regret and remorse for some of your more hazy-remembered, colourful behavior. 

New Year’s should kick off well and sail long into the wee hours, but you’re going to need some decent strategy to get the best out of The Biggest Night Of The Year. These nights come with so much expectation, and can either go the rainbow-coloured hedonism path, or crush under the anvil of anticipations. No worries though, we’ve got a handle on how to get you through. 

Plot your provisions

It’s one of the few days/nights of the year where it’s pretty much accepted that things can be out of the ordinary. If you’re heading out to party on, then consider what you’re going to need in your supplies to get you through. If you’re a versatile drinker, enthusiastic for the kaleidoscope of fermented and distilled things, take a few lighter options, like a full flavoured but alcohol free beer. Likewise, for the morning, ensure you’ve stashed some sports drinks and decent soft drinks in your fridge for ground zero.

Drink spacers

We’re taught all about peer pressure in our school days, but often ill-equipped when it comes to the party burden when it comes to New Year’s Eve. There’s always that one party goer shoving technicolour shots in people’s hands, singing chugging songs, generally cajoling the mayhem of such parties. Best tactic here is to always have something in hand, and what better than a traditionally brewed beer, but one with 0.0% alcohol? Tastes the real deal, looks the real deal, keeps you hydrated and happy. 

Pack smart

Slipping from a black tie do into a house party and then ending up a nightclub? We’ve all been there. You don’t want to be the over-dressed dynamic at a chilled out house party only to find that the nightclub you’re hitting after is a sweat box designed to destroy formal wear. Getting a versatile outfit change sorted is one of the best pieces of advice going around. Also handy for when errant party goers spill drinks in hands-in-air revelry moments. 

Punch on

Go the punch, avoid the home made mixed spirits drinks. Punch can pack a punch, we all know that, but so too can the enthusiastic bartender when it comes to whipping up a kitchen-grade Negroni. If there’s punch, there’s usually soft drink or juice in it, and even if fumey with alcohol, it’s been diluted a touch. Handy. 


Pro-tip on NYE? Don’t go anywhere that’s not walking distance. You think public transport services are bad now? Give them a go between 10pm and 2am on this most popular of evenings. Hang with your posse, but avoid the mayhem. 

Don’t be that guy/girl

Sure, NYE comes with fireworks and fandangos, but don’t be the one that gets the red card. There’s a fine balance between being the most whimsical at the party, and the one who everyone is talking about for the next year. Be fun, don’t be sloppy. Pace yourself. Find a drink that’s low alcohol or no alcohol, but works a treat in the social scheme of things. Go forth. 

Shift the axis

Sure, you’ve been hooting and hollering off the balcony of a pimpin’ apartment with gun barrel views of water and fireworks, but perhaps the gloss has worn off a bit. If wild horses kicking the inside of your skull when you wake doesn’t appeal, why not think about a dinner party? It’s about lower key, but high quality times. 

Keep a loved one close

Yeah, it’s cheesy, but hey, midnight and fireworks and libido and party times all conspire into a moment where you might just get lucky. Best to head out with someone you’re keen on. Don’t push it, just let the magic of the night unfold, and get some strategy to be near your idol come that flip from 2359 to 0000. 

Stay fresh

Sipping water does well, but if you’re feeling like staying in the social set, grabbing an alcohol-free beer should keep you in good stead. We all know that some nights seem to drag on, take a turn, might not quite meet expectation, or, indeed, have you on the wrong side of the sobriety ledger, so stay cool, stay fresh, keep your wits about you with a little assistance from zero alcohol beer.. 

Keep your landing pad presentable

This works two-fold. The morning after can be a nightmarish vision, so a clean/comfortable environment is just one little thing that can help tilt you back into normalness. Fresh sheets, tidied living space, clean kitchen and you’ll keep some of the demons at bay. Added benefit, if you get lucky, your pad looks sweet too.