1. Avoid a hangover

You know that groggy, ‘I want to spend the day in bed’ feeling you get the morning after a few too many drinks? Well, it’s caused from an excessive build of acetaldehyde in the liver. Combined with an increase of something called cytokines and muscle ache, fatigue, headache, nausea and memory loss is the result. Opt for Holsten 0.0% and avoid having to tell your friends ‘you will never drink again’.

2. Lower your calories

An alcoholic drink contains at least 209 kilojoules (50 calories); and in this case we’re talking about necking a pure shot of vodka. Nasty. Less Russian themed and more common drinks such as wine and beer still set you back 500KJ (120 cals) to 627KJ (150 cals) where as a bottle of Holsten 0.0% has just 165KJ (40 cals). Have we won you over yet?

3. Sleep like a baby

Staggering home drunk and instantly falling asleep is a beautiful feeling but the favour isn’t re-turned in the morning. Alcohol depresses your nervous system, helping you to doze off quickly, be-fore jacking up your body in the latter parts of sleep and disrupting your natural REM. In contrast, a study from University of Extremadura, Spain, found that non-alcoholic beer drinkers experienced 27% fewer movements while sleeping than those who went to bed without a brew. The secret? Bitter resins in hop compounds that sooth the central nervous system. Now that’s what you call a nightcap.

4. Save dollars

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Aussie’s spend an average of $32.35 per week on alcohol; and that can’t include a night out in Sydney. The largest percentage of the bill was spent on beer, of course, but with Holsten 0.0% costing around $9 per six pack of 330ml bottles; it’s time to start stocking the fridge with something smart.

5. Regulate your metabolism

Sipping on too many gin and juices forces your liver into working overtime. Rather than concentrating on it’s regular fat burning duties your glandular organ is tasked with eradicating alcohol. This screws with your metabolism, slowing it down. On top of this, an inflamed pancreas results in an inability to control blood sugar levels and all-in-all you should have just ordered that tomato juice. Or anything less revolting. Holsten 0.0%?

6. Refrain from takeaway

Every drunken night out ends the same; leaning against the counter of a fast food restaurant. A study published in the journal Obesity found that alcohol heightens our senses, making sense as to why a cheap, dirty double cheeseburger tastes so good. The researchers found that participants inebriated by alcohol ate 30% more food, and we’re not talking about a 4am Sumo Salad here, so save yourself an unhealthy meal and go non-alcoholic.

7. Boost your electrolytes

Electrolytes play a key part in a healthy lifestyle and help to regulate nerve and muscle function, blood pH, blood pressure and the rebuilding of damaged tissue. You know they’re important be-cause fruit and veg is fortified with potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium. But, surprise surprise, so does your old pal Holsten 0.0%. Cracking open another beer doesn’t have to make you feel guilty when it supplies almost the same amount of electrolytes as a banana. Go Holsten!

8. Flavour with a punch

The main reason booze lovers stray away from non-alcoholic beer is because of the weak, flat and lifeless taste. Beer needs a punch, we know. Try a Holsten 0.0% and you will instantly taste the difference thanks to a unique brewing process. Alcohol is extracted at the very last point, leaving a beer so full of flavour that it could knock out Conor McGregor. Don’t tell him we said that.