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How To Conquer FebFast

Dr Sarah MacLean, of the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, knows a thing or two about FebFast. She is an expert in the field of alcohol and regularly takes part in the hardest event of the year, FebFast. Take her advice on how to make it through 28 days without a single drop of alcohol and conquer February hand-in-hand with Holsten. […]

How To Lose Your Beer Belly

Want abs like Zac Efron? Okay, perhaps that’s a little over ambitious. But a flatter stomach and less beer on the gut; now that’s an achievable aim. Celebrity personal trainer Patrick Murphy has whipped actors such as Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz into shape. His latest project was shredding Efron into a Baywatch hunk and now he wants you to […]

4 Pub Meals That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

When you think of food at the pub it’s all deep fried calamari rings, greasy “Insert Pub Name Here” burgers and chicken schnitzels the size of your head. Australia rules for it’s selection of delicious pub meals but healthy alternatives can be a little harder to come by. On average, Australian’s eat out at pubs, clubs, bars or taverns 2.4x per […]

9 Tips To Survive Your Christmas Work Party

According to a Sydney Morning Herald poll, 61% of people said they wouldn’t attend a Christmas work party without alcohol. Perhaps intoxicating liquid is the only way to make work colleagues bearable or perhaps an open bar is viewed as the chance to rectify a poor bonus payout. Statistics from the same poll also revealed that dodgy dancing is the […]

What Makes Holsten Taste So Damn Good?

Here at Holsten, we’re not one to blow our own trumpet. But take a single sip of 0.0% and you’ll understand our non-alcoholic beer is different. Unique. Unlike other wannabes our baby patiently sits through the entire brewing process, taking in the full flavours and finishing with a refreshing taste that everyone can enjoy. Commonly, non-alcoholic beers sacrifice their flavour from […]

4 of the Healthiest Pub Drinks

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we consume 76 million litres of beer each year. Splash 69 million litres of wine on top and fill it to the brim with 35 million litres of spirits and that’s more than enough alcohol to sink the ship Down Under. However, popping to the pub with friends […]

8 Reasons to Choose Holsten 0.0% Non-alcoholic Beer

1. Avoid a hangover You know that groggy, ‘I want to spend the day in bed’ feeling you get the morning after a few too many drinks? Well, it’s caused from an excessive build of acetaldehyde in the liver. Combined with an increase of something called cytokines and muscle ache, fatigue, headache, nausea and memory […]