Here at Holsten, we’re not one to blow our own trumpet. But take a single sip of 0.0% and you’ll understand our non-alcoholic beer is different. Unique. Unlike other wannabes our baby patiently sits through the entire brewing process, taking in the full flavours and finishing with a refreshing taste that everyone can enjoy.

Commonly, non-alcoholic beers sacrifice their flavour from an extensive dilution process. The process cripples the tipple and turns it into a flat, hoppy mess. No thanks. The alternative is to cut short the fermenting process, although this leaves an equally insipid finish to a strong malty brew. This is where Holsten steps in.

We carefully tip-toe through a five step process using the finest barley and hops. The result? A great taste that is almost identical to alcoholic beer, minus the morning hangover and the calories that go with it. Take a look for yourself.

Step 1. We’re born a Premium German Pilsener.

Step 2. We make the mash, boil the wort and add hops.

Step 3.  As with alcoholic beer, the brew goes through a fermentation process.

Step 4. Prior to bottling, our alcohol is removed using a gentle evaporation.

Step 5. We are carbonated and bottled.

Step 6. We chill out in the fridge and await your company.

Disclaimer: No beers were hurt during the brewing process of our drink.


330ml Holsten 0.0%

Alcohol: 0.0%

Energy: 165 kJ’s (40cals)

Total fat: 0.0g

Sugars: <1g

Calcium: 13.2mg

Magnesium: 14.19mg

Potassium: 39.6mg

Sodium: 3.3mg

Ingredients: Water, barley, malt, carbon dioxide, hops, hop extract, love and attention.